club: Car Requirements

General Requirements

A general guide to presenting a car for competition:

  • Apparel: Helmet must conform with AS1698. One-piece overalls of a fire resistant material, or clothing of woollen or cotton from the neck to wrists to ankles. Footwear must be boot type not thongs or sandals.
  • Fire Extinguishers: To be at least 0.9kg capacity conforming to AS1841, 1846, 1848 securely mounted with metal bracket and within reach of the driver.
  • Seatbelts: To be fitted to drivers seat. If a roll bar is fitted a full harness type belt to AS2596 must be fitted.
  • Roll Bars: When fitted must conform to CAMS rules.
  • Fuel Tanks: Must vent to the outside of the coachwork.
  • Bonnets: With rear mounted hinges must have an additional securing method, i.e. bonnet pins or a securing strap.
  • Tailshaft: If fitted must have a strap so fitted as to stop it hitting the ground in the event of breakage.
  • Firewall & Rear Bulkhead: Must be covered in such a way as to prevent fire or liquid from entering the passenger compartment from either the engine bay or the rear compartment.
  • Scattershield: Where the engine has been relocated rearward of the original mounts a scatter shield of at least 6mm mild steel must be fitted to protect the driver from flywheel, clutch or transmission disintegration.
  • Throttle return spring: Must be fitted to each throttle shaft in addition to the normal spring in such a way as to return the throttle to the closed position in the event of throttle linkage disconnection.
  • Reverse gear: Must be fitted and operate from the driving position (formula Libre exempt)
  • Braking system: Must be of the dual circuit design.
  • Exhaust system: Must be fitted either to rear or the side of the coachwork. Rear fitting exhaust must not extend more than 150mm beyond the rear coachwork. Side mounted exhaust must be mounted to the rear of the centre door pillar and may not extend more than 50mm beyond side coachwork. A muffler must be fitted to restrict engine noise.
  • Battery: Must be clamped securely to the vehicle. A blue triangle of sides of 150m must be attached to the coachwork to indicate the position of the battery or cut out switch.
  • Tyres: If rally or off road tyres are fitted, mud flaps must be of suitable rigid material and completely obscure the tyre profile to within 80mm of the ground.
  • Tow Hooks: A towing hook (of suitable strength) must be fitted to the front and rear of the vehicle. It must be highlighted for ease of identification.