club: Rules

MADCC Rules & Regulations

  1. Entries to be posted to Competition Secretary prior to meeting
  2. All car trailers to be parked in trailer park immediately upon unloading of car
  3. All competing cards to be kept in the pit area unless scrutineered or queuing up to compete
  4. 10KPH speed limit applies to ALL access roads and the pit area
  5. All competing vehicles must be presented to the scrutineer in sufficient time to allow for queuing up and inspection prior to driver’s briefing.
  6. All competing drivers must confirm their entry with the competition secretary and have your competition number allocated prior to the driver’s briefing.
  7. Practice runs, one per driver will only be permitted after sections 5 & 6 have been completed, at a time designated by the clerk of course
  8. Drivers briefing is to be attended by all competing drivers failure to attend will mean exemption from competition.
  9. Vehicle number running order will be posted on the notice board adjacent to the start line.
  10. For the smooth running of the meeting, line up for your run at least 10 cars before your run is due to commence. Late arrival for your run will mean no run.
  11. On completion of your run return your vehicle directly in your respective pit area.
  12. Any protest or inquiry about a run is to be directed to the “clerk of course” or a “steward” of the meeting.
  13. Run times will be posted on the notice board in the kiosk area at the completion of each run in the form of a computer print out.
  14. Final class results will be announced after the completion of the last run of the day and then posted on the kiosk notice board.