club: Standard Definition of a Car

Definition of a standard car:

  • Must be 2WD
  • Is not required to be road registered
  • Must be a production model closed car
  • May not be structurally modified
  • Engine must be in original location
  • Engine must be of original fitment to that model
  • Carburetion may be changed but must not increase number of throats
  • Car may not be light weighted beyond removing of hood lining, floor covering and rear seat for fire safety
  • Road tyres or recap rally tyres only
  • Exhaust is free from outlets at the head
  • Springs and shocks are free, but must be in original mounting points
  • Ride height must exceed 4” ground clearance at the lowest point

The intention of this class is to encourage affordable racing on a limited budget.

Any car that does not fit this description is deemed to be modified.

Modified cars must be 2wd and retain all hang on panels with which they were produced, although they can be of other approved material.